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Dr. Beau Pierce

As a second generation DC, Dr. Pierce has been exposed to the idea of total wellness for over three decades. Dr. Pierce represents an emerging digital generation that has proved social networking and online connectivity translates into growth and strength. The idea to meld Alternative Health with a custom engineered social network was made possible by the unique circumstances of life long professional exposure and the generation he was born into. Dr. Pierce believes a digital element will be critical to remedy industry-wide problems and advance the profession.

Dr. Pierce serves as the CEO and Chief Innovator and works to continually develop and enhance value added digital functions that will facilitate global member interactions, awareness and resource sharing.

Dr. Jason Deitch

Dr. Jason Deitch is the founder of He’s the best-selling author of Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich and has been passionate about sharing the chiropractic message for almost two decades. He’s one of the profession’s most prominent thought leaders and communications strategists working with an exclusive group of the chiropractic profession’s largest and most prominent institutions, organizations, associations, vendors and most successful chiropractors.

Dr. Deitch lives in the San Francisco Bay and has had a front row seat to watch the global impact Facebook and social media has had over the past 12 years. He believes this is the most exciting opportunity chiropractors have ever had to share our vitalistic philosophy and benefits of chiropractic care with our communities and around the world. Dr. Deitch is a pioneer in inspiring the chiropractic profession to embrace modern social media strategies and tactics that lead to sustainable practice growth and transformational perceptions of chiropractic care. His influence will be one of the reasons the world soon recognizes chiropractic as the world’s #1 drug-free solution to natural healing, optimal human development and personal performance.

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